Who We Are

About Us

Purfleet 8 Seater Minibus Cab Taxi Service wants to be more than just your cab service. We want to be your traveling friends. Our team of skilled drivers in Purfleet has thirty years of experience with them and is dedicated to making every trip special. We make our services fit your wants because we know that each traveler is unique. Whether you’re taking a slow drive around the neighborhood or a quick trip to the airport, our goal is to always go above and beyond what you expect.

How We Works



24-hour assistance 

To ensure that you always have dependable transport, we are available to you around the clock. Purfleet 8 Seater Minibus Taxi Service is available if you require a comfortable and convenient ride for an early flight or a late-night event. 

Flight monitoring 

Knowing that we are keeping an eye on your impending travels will allow you to relax. You won't ever be left waiting at the airport because to our sophisticated flight tracking technology, which enables us to modify pickup plans in the event of delays or early arrivals. 


Free child seat 

Your child's safety is our first priority. Are you taking your family on a trip? Since we offer complimentary child seats that are suitable for their age and needs, you can travel with confidence and certainty that your kids will be secure and at ease. 


Wheelchair accessibility 

We all wish to travel in a safe and easy manner. Our wheelchair-accessible vehicles are made to make transportation simple for anyone with mobility issues. We will make sure your journey is hassle-free and pleasurable if you let us know what you need. 


Why Choose Us

You choose reliability, comfort, and peace of mind when you choose us. We will do everything we can to stick to your plan, as shown by the fact that we always pick up and drop off on time. With strict maintenance rules and drivers who have had their backgrounds checked, we put your safety first. But what really makes us different is our unwavering dedication to making sure our clients are happy. We put your travel experience in Purfleet first because when you travel with us, you are a valuable guest, not just another passenger.